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C.A. Kamara-Taylor is fondly remembered in Kambia District
News - Inside Sierra Leone

C.A. Kamara-Taylor is well remembered by his constituents for the many development projects he brought to Madina, benches in the Tonko Limba region of Kambia District. A secondary school, water supply, a community center and a market are some of the projects that made "C.A." dear to the hearts of his northwestern Sierra Leone constituents.

According to former students, in its prime, the Government Secondary School, Madina, a project sponsored by Kamara-Taylor, was the envy of other secondary schools in Sierra Leone. Well constructed and staffed by teachers from around the world, the school also boasted one of the best equipped science laboratories.

Today, the dusty classrooms at GSSM are a jumble of broken chairs and desks, faded walls, broken ceilings and concrete floors that have been reclaimed by dirt.   The science labs look like they have not been used in a long time, with the few surviving instruments sheathed in spider webs looking like they were frozen in time, in the 1970s. Untrimmed trees around the campus seemed intent on gaining entry into magnificent school buildings that could all use a coat of paint or two.

In a courtyard of the dormitories, a couple of female students were cooking supper on an open fire. The beautiful commons lined with giant trees in the middle of campus and the splendid world mural on one of the buildings reminds visitors that this was once a sought after destination of higher learning in Sierra Leone.

Around the corner from GSSM is a large red and white building, the Madina Community Center. A bust of Kamara-Taylor with part of its forehead chipped off stands outside in appreciation for his contribution to the center's construction. A note below the bust thanks "C.A." for his service to Sierra Leone.

Residents also credited "C.A." for building a market and supplying the town with clean water.

C.A. Kamara-Taylor died in 1985.