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Where C.A. Kamara-Taylor once slept, three Rs are now taught
News - Inside Sierra Leone

A five building complex that C.A. Kamara-Taylor, a long serving second vice president in the regime of President Siaka schoolStevens once used as hisĀ  residence in his Kambia District constituency is now home to the Umar Mokhtar Islamic School.

The condition of the compound is confirmation that Kamara-Taylor and his clout are long gone from Sierra Leone's political scene. Most of the window panes on the once majestic main two story building are broken, here and there replaced by a piece of wood or cardboard. The zinc roofs on the lower buildings are all rusted and out of place. A tall tower with a big tank on top stood in the middle of a banana grove.

Crowded into these buildings are high school students learning how to read, write and do arithmetic. The school "bell," a large truck rim, was hanging from the stem of a mango tree. A pitiful piece of cloth with the green, white and blue colors of Sierra Leone limply hung on a wooden pole in the courtyard.

The school in Sami Town is sponsored by the Restless Development non-governmental organization.