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Grassroots campaigning by APC could undo SLPP victory plans in 2018
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In the dying days of 2015, President Ernest B. Koroma was not at statehouse or abroad meeting with world leaders, he was crisscrossing ebk the dusty and rugged back roads of Koinadugu District giving small speeches while launching new projects and inaugurating completed ones, attending cultural shows and meeting local citizens. If the president continues to heed late US House of Representatives Speaker Thomas P. O'Neill's counsel that all politics is local, the Sierra Leone People's Party would have to shelve any plans for victory celebrations in 2018.

On Dec 29th, President Koroma with all the district's political leaders in tow drove 42 miles on one of the most difficult roads from Kabala to Momoria Badala to launch the Bridging Bintumani project. Bridging Bintumani, an initiative of Finance Minister Kelfalla Marah, a native son, is meant to exploit the tourism potential of the Bintumani Mountains, among the highest in West Africa. The ultimate goal, after the construction of a road from Kabala is the building of a bridge at the confluence of the Bagbeh and Baffin Rivers. From Freetown to Kabala and all the villages the president passed through on his way to Momoria Badala, Sierra Leoneans can look forward to enormous economic benefits when the project is completed. He returned to Kabala on the same day.

On the 30th, President Koroma was greeted with chants of "more time, more time," by local youth activists when he started the day with an inspection tour of the All People's Congress Party construction site. Then he was off to pay his personal condolences to the family of John Kulako Sesay, a party activist who had suddenly collapsed and died the previous day.

Leaving the funeral, the president traveled three miles to Yataya, to inaugurate a junior secondary school built with the help of Peter Bayuku Konteh, a former minister of tourism in his government. Back in Kabala, he opened the completely refurbished Kabala Central Mosque and unveiled the new clock tower in the center of town, projects which received the support of Momoh Konteh, another native son who also played a crucial role in the fight against the spread of the Ebola virus in Koinadugu District.

The next morning, Dec 31st, President Koroma traveled to Kanuka village to inaugurate a multi-purpose hall. He capped his visit to Koinadugu by attending a cultural show at the Yogomaia Field where his leadership abilities received much praise within earshot of shuttered and solitary building painted green with a sign outside that said "Sierra Leone People's Party, Koinadugu District Headquarters."

In Kabala, President Koroma's entourage drove on newly paved roads around town and stayed at the recently constructed presidential lodge high on the hill where the residence of the District Officer (DO) used to be. Citizens of Kabala said the complex looked like a "lantern" when lit up at night.

Listen to podcasts of the president's visit and other activities around Kabala as covered by Radio Bintumani, Kabala at sierraleone365 radio on the tunein app.