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Fula sister is leader of Christian congregation in Allen Town
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The congregants come from many neighborhoods around Freetown. On a recent Sunday, congregants arriving by taxi Preaching: Pastor Jallohor "poda-poda" at Lower Allen Town wound their way to Christ the Healer Ministry located at No. 9 Taiama Road to hear a rare member of the clergy preach: a woman from the Fula ethnic group.

One of the most Islamized tribes in Africa, members of the Fula (also known as Fulani, Peuhl), ethnic group go all-out as to live by their interpretation of the Islamic code. Fula children are socialized at an early age about the sanctity of the Koran with adherence to the teachings of the Prophet Mohammed compulsory. However, education and exposure to outside influences have diverted some Fulas into becoming devotees of other religions. Pastors bearing common Fula last names such as Bah, Barrie and Jalloh are on the increase in Sierra Leone. But they are mostly male, making Esther Isata Jalloh rare and special.

Known as Mama J to her flock, Pastor Jalloh's performance at the pulpit is good enough to induce the jealousy of preachers from ethnic groups that have been practicing Christianity for centuries.

Listen to a podcast of Pastor Jalloh's sermon at sierraleone365 radio on the tunein app.