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Like the ancient Israelites, for Sierra Leoneans, the Sabbath is now holy
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Exodus 20:8-11 is the new law of the land in Sierra Leone. A combination of the Ebola outbreak and a government that recognizes some good freein taking time off for reflection during the three-day lockdowns made the law possible.

Like the ancient Israelites, modern Sierra Leoneans have reconciled themselves to working six days and taking Sundays off. Sunday market days known as "Lumos" that have been going on for generations in the provinces have been shifted to Mondays or Saturdays.

Officially, Sundays are reserved for cleaning one's living area, but Sierra Leoneans now use this day of rest to schedule family gatherings like weddings, outings and for Christians, going to church. Most Sierra Leoneans seem to appreciate the law. Older Sierra Leoneans say it used to be that way on Sundays, and they love the tranquility.