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Freetown newspaper criticized Sir Milton Margai's close British ties
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Shekpendeh, a Freetown newspaper criticized Sir Milton Margai for seeking permission from Britain before Guinean toure President Sekou Toure could visit Sierra Leone in 1960.

While tipping their hats to Margai for inviting Toure, whom the editors described as a great African brother, they criticized him in a June 30, 1960 editorial for doing so only after first seeking the consent of a white monarch thousands of miles away who had never visited Sierra Leone.

According to Ahmed Sékou Touré (1922-1984), Président de la Guinée de 1958 à 1984, a book by André Lewin, a former French ambassador to Guinea, following Sierra Leone's recognition of Guinea in November 1960, Toure paid an official visit to Freetown in December of that year.

Queen Elizabeth visited Sierra Leone in late November and early December 1961. Ten years later in April 1971, Sierra Leone became a republic, dropping the queen's role as ceremonial head of state.