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Neglected, Koinadugu District's only airstrip is in disrepair
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airstripKoinadugu District's only airstrip, built at the height of late Honorable Sheku Bockarie Kawusu-Konteh's clout as mines minister is in disrepair.

Located at the end of a dirt track not far from the village of Mamudia, the edges of the runway are overgrown with trees and tall grass. The runway itself, once familiar with the frequent landings of Fokker Friendship airplanes of the Sierra Leone Airways, is full of potholes.

The normally isolated airstrip came alive recently when youngsters from the surrounding villages used it as a venue for a New Year's Day outing.

With Bridging Bintumani now an important component in the revitalization of tourism in Sierra Leone, repairing Koinadugu District's only airstrip might benefit tourists, tour operators and the economies of nearby villages.