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Some never left, others returned from abroad, and found greener pastures in SL
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As tens of thousands of Sierra Leoneans toil abroad as "economic" refugees, thousands of their fellow citizens who never left sheku or returned from the Diaspora are enjoying greener pastures right here in Sierra Leone, thank you. Through hard work, many Sierra Leoneans not associated with the government are enjoying a level of existence a lot of their countrymen in America or Europe can only dream of.

In line with the economic success being enjoyed by some hardworking Sierra Leoneans, there is a building boom going on all over the country.  Visitors from abroad cannot fail to be amazed at the success of local Sierra Leoneans who made their fortunes through commerce and going through the country's educational system to obtain good jobs. No doubt aware of the stressful lives of their co-citizens abroad, many successful Sierra Leoneans scoff at the idea of emigrating to the US or Europe.

Sheku A. Kamara graduated from college in Sierra Leone, became a teacher and now owns Apex International in Freetown, a test preparation institution. Kamara has not only torn down and rebuilt his father's old house in Kabala, he is the owner of an impressive two story building in the same town that many folks in the Diaspora will look upon with envy. One of his children has graduated from college, another is half way through.

There is the businessman, uneducated, who owns a house in Freetown for his college going children as well over twenty-five rented houses in the provinces. There is the driver/mechanic who has put all of his four children through Fourah Bay College. Students are getting double master's degrees (a new trend) in law, business and agriculture and going on to start great careers in Sierra Leone.

There are also Sierra Leoneans who after many years of labor in America and Europe, decided to return home. Several became paramount chiefs but others have  found good jobs and opened businesses. Some have been able to build houses only after returning to Sierra Leone, something they were unable to do while in America.

The Lebanese who started arriving in Sierra Leone at the turn of the 19th century never left even when the country was torn by a brutal civil war and the Ebola crisis. Now the Chinese are coming to Sierra Leone for a slice of the economic action.

God bless America as the Land of Opportunity, but God bless Sierra Leone too because success here does not mean working all kinds of odd hours while the kids raise themselves and husbands and wives do not have time for one another.