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The rear ends and feet of chickens are delicacies in Sierra Leone
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Forget cassava leaves, garri, potato leaves and tola soup because the gastronomic interests of some Sierra Leoneans are chickennow firmly fixated on the feet and rear ends of chickens.

Sierra Leoneans in the diaspora accustomed to consuming locally raised poultry when they lived here will be amazed at the proliferation of imported chicken parts in the country. There are chicken wings, backs, legs and the ever-present chicken feet. A local vendor said that the supply of rear ends is seasonal and that none are available right now.

A visitor to any market in Sierra Leone cannot fail to notice the standout all white chicken feet. Some hawkers canvass the neighborhoods for customers. Others just set up on roadsides and shout "na one thousand Leones na yah!" Stationary or perambulating, a fly whisk is needed to drive away the big black flies that also have an enormous appetite for the defrosted chicken parts.

With the introduction of chicken parts, Sierra Leonean cuisine has undergone a sort of seasoning. Chicken feet were prominent in the okra soup a mechanic and his family enjoyed the other evening. Chicken feet and other parts are also now dipped in spicy gravy and grilled, almost replacing the "roast beef" many Sierra Leoneans are familiar with.